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In this life I have to come across so many complex questions that I have to look for answers in the Spiritual Knowledge. That’s why I took meditation as a medium to resolve these questions and have written a book on Gods of this world. This was because of my curiosity to know more about myself and this world which is nothing but a mortal world and is full of sufferings for all of us. I used meditation as the resource to gain

more spiritual knowledge in this regard. And I came to know about the God of nectar and life energy in this world. I have gathered all the knowledge that I received by me in the spiritual realm and I have presented this spiritual knowledge on the Home page of my website for all of us to know more about it, for which I have a keen interest in spreading the spiritual awareness for the benefit of all of us. For this reason I have laid the foundation of this website. 

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Topic For Self Case Study

The Karmic cycle represent the number of births that we  would have to undergo before all of our Karmic debts are paid. We incur Karmic debts when we intentionally or unintentionally take help from others or when we would have to return the favour as good or bad. The reverse is also true means when someone has taken help from us or someone has to return the favour to us as good or bad. This takes place through interaction of our past lives Images and current life Image. Though Soul is same but the progress is different, Image that we chose to build up in our life plays the pivotal role. Instead of concentrating on our  Karmic  debts in current life we should concentrate on building a Spiritual life with the help of our divine Image i.e. divine Shakti and Consciousness. While doing so we would be on the path towards Self and God Realisation. And the processes  that  would  be involved in this journey automatically will take care of our Karmic debts or will guide us for the same.

Since it might be possible that not in all of our past lives we  got the opportunity to realise Self or God, that is why we should  take the opportunity in this birth to clear all  backlogs  and  also clear the future of any. But in this process in current life we need  not to remember the past or know the future, we just need to be open to experience something new while we are on the right path towards Spiritual growth and freedom. Due to the effect of the Karmic cycle in the current birth one may have to go  through  tough times but still there are ways in which he can make something out of it. Positive thoughts, learnings and skill development are the few outcomes of tough times. If we need to change then change for the good like change from your physical Image to divine Image, that will be much better than to stuck with physical Image and suffer the cycle. Moreover you would be able to help others as well.

Since I am from engineering background, I have carefully noticed what my inner faculties have exposed me  to  and  noted that down here as  the step by  step process of  inner transformation. It is not less than Alchemy for me that I have understood the inner transformation process to such details and prompted myself to develop a divine Image than just  an image. This I consider as destiny Alchemy and think that every human being is capable of it if he is provided and guided with this inner transformation process. The need is to transform ourselves as per the directions and in the guidance of divine  Shakti  and Consciousness to understand the presence of God’s Spiritual light within us. As we can understand after  going  through  the  book  that divine Consciousness and Shakti play a very vital role in this inner transformation. The intelligence is in understanding  them and their motto which lies in the higher  communion  with  the  God. And actually after finishing the task at our end, we feel rejuvenated and at peace with everything else because then  we  have the direct connection with God.

The destiny alchemy is in creating our own destiny which we like and align with the plans of God for us. The source and destination both are present within us we just need to understand  it. We in the physical form are the source and destination is our higher Spiritual Self, after the inner transformation. The journey is through understanding ourselves and God with the help  of  Spiritual faculties within us or available to us here like divine Consciousness and Shakti. We need to climb a ladder step by step towards the divine Consciousness with the help of divine energy that is Shakti.

There could be some other births  of  our’s previously  where we didn’t got this opportunity to Reincarnate ourselves and transform our lives forever. Those births will remind us of  difference in integrity of our divine Consciousness and divine  Shakti with God. So as to complete the process we  have  been  given this birth to develop the  integrity of our  divine Consciousness and divine Shakti with our Physical form. This is called communion with God and with this we will discard of past karma and get to know ourselves better without any evils.

Once we are able to feel God and his presence within us we   are then developed as Spiritual human beings with the task of further developing or evolving. Sincere efforts can be put in by anyone who is able to understand the inner process and anatomy. Not only they can succeed in their life goals but also can achieve their own divine Consciousness and Shakti for their divine Image.

This divine image has immense capabilities, it can convert a human being into a Super human being both physically and spiritually but our scope here is to understand the process behind   it and to have the learning. Based on our life paths  and Karma cycle, we will get insight into what we are looking for ourselves in this life.

There are numerous benefits of possessing a  divine  Image  like all round personality development, peace and harmony in social life, happiness in personal life, healing of previous and present negative Karma. Growth at Spiritual domain is also accompanied which helps our Soul to unite with God and express ourselves in the Spirit of our Incarnation. We will then be able to better understand our Karmic cycle and at will,  Reincarnate  to  live.