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Hi, My name is Ajay Kumar and I am 40 years old. I am married and have two daughters. I have completed Graduation as a Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology. I am a Software Engineer by profession and have 9 years of work experience in the IT Sector, afterwards I quit my job. I am a Hindu by religion and a citizen of India. 

In this life I have to come across so many complex questions that I have to look for answers in the Spiritual Knowledge. That’s why I took meditation as a medium to resolve these questions and have written a book on ancient Gods of this world. This was because of my curiosity to know more about myself and this world which is nothing but a mortal world and is full of sufferings for all of us. I used meditation as the resource to gain more spiritual knowledge in this regard. Since then I have a connection with the new God and have transcendent him or downloaded him into me using meditation and my knowledge. This is the new God – Gold Or Diamond who is the Dream and the God for whom I have a a keen interest in spreading the spiritual awareness for the benefit of all of us. For this reason I have laid the foundation of this website. 

This website provides services to everyone which are unique and beneficial for the human beings to a large extent considering our departure from here very soon as per the forecast by certain astrologers. Thus I understand the necessity of our safe union with the God who is soon going to come for our salvation. It is therefore important for all of us to meet him as soon as possible and to know him to a large extent for our betterment. Through this service I provide this Knowledge by prior appointment after making the payment. Go to the Services page for more information about this service. So please keep supporting to build this website up and running. Thank You.

Disclaimer: This website is a non-profit work wholly owned by a single person. The services provided by this website are for general purpose use only. There will be no claim regarding the contents of this website and its services and all information provided here is proprietary.