Partners and Advertisements

Here it is, to invite links of potential paid partners who are interested in joining this website with me. You will pay a subscription fee for the link of your website with logo to be displayed here. This place is for displaying paid advertisements only that are from advertisers across the globe. Whoever wants to place his ads here will pay a subscription fee and his ads will start appearing on this page. Multiple advertisers can show their ads here. Based on the fee ads will be shown on priority basis such as from top to bottom or different categories of ads like html links or banners ads. The duration of shown ads such as long-term ads (for one year) or short -term ads (for one month) is also based on the fee. This is a golden opportunity to tie up with me and to earn royalty income from home. Hurry Up. 

 Initially the cost of long-term ads with banner ads from the top of the page is USD 70 (INR 5000) per month. By placing your links here you will find more placement opportunities to keep you growing. Get ready for new growth opportunities and increase your revenue to a higher level. Move ahead with new goals and achieve new targets early. Digital marketing with paid partnership is the new found key to success and the road ahead is full of rewards. So keep surfing and keep shopping for an enlightening experience with me. You will get to know more and this will help you in shaping your future. 

You can find the payment information on the Payments page where you can pay to me from any country of your residence. You can transfer the amount to me using Payoneer for International payments or Paytm Payments Bank for India. You can find the communication information on the Contacts page where you can also drop an email to me at <> or chat with me on my Skype Id <>