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Physical Energy And Consciousness

We have a physical body with brain and heart mainly for mindfulness and emotional purposes. Similarly we have in another dimension the corresponding Chakra for these body parts which collectively form our Aura. This Aura is the reflection of our  physical energy in another dimension invisible to  physical  form but easy to feel or sense by us and others. We can correlate this physical energy as our  Shakti or Shakta along with the mindfulness as our consciousness, forming our Aura.  I will refer    to this form as physical Image from now onwards since it is dependent on our physical form. Actually our  physical  Image  is the result of our current life and past lives impressions. We  tend    to think and work as a result of this physical Image in the world. While it is important in doing day to day activities but a deeper understanding is required to have divine Image which also corresponds to our physical form yet at another dimension which   is divine and closer to God. The physical Image is not capable of solving all of our problems or guiding us towards our life’s  objective, we need understanding available with divine Image to resolve issues of the physical world, to heal diseases, to maintain harmony, to be happy, to fulfil our responsibilities and to achieve life’s objective. Most importantly to realise self at the same dimension where God is manifested.

There is a journey from thoughts to consciousness to energy which is inherent in every human being. As a result of which a human have desires and objectives in his life and aims to achieve these in his life. Though some are aware  of  this  growth pattern and some are not. Those who get the chance to be  aware  of  it, make use of it to succeed extraordinarily and achieve their goals in life. Even some go beyond and achieve Self-Realisation which is in fact a key to God-Realisation. However guidance in right direction  is required with positive attitude and balanced approach. The presence of divine Shakti and Consciousness within us and to be aware of it in our thoughts and actions daily, is nothing but the Soulful state.

When I was young, during my teens, my favourite curiosity  was actually 2 different questions. One: When initially the human beings came to the Earth, how did they got the knowledge to become civilised and later on went on to become  divinely  conscious. They evolved into divinely conscious sages and blessed with energetic avatars (Shakti) of Gods. Second: How did this Universe came into existence like our Solar System, Galaxies and super-stars like  black holes. I was trying to think during most of  the free time by making images in my mind simulating the various phenomena that I was aware of at that time. Given that I was a non-believer in God at that time and considered the Nature as the Supreme force that brought everything into  existence.  But  this  was not enough to get the solution and I made this thinking as my favourite pass time.

Due to the difficult times ahead in my life at that time and seeing from my surroundings, I started having faith in God and started worshipping when required. I was still amazed at how we people learn so many things in one life and behave differently to each other and every other object or  situation.  Definitely  there  was some invisible link among all of us through which we all learn and act. This invisible link or connection was needed to  be  explored and understood to get the answers. But it required guidance and initiation to have that vision.

In my mid 20’s, Life was getting tougher due to some hurdles in making a living at my own. Suddenly I found a lot of pressure    on myself and started building anxiety and hyper-tension. Thanks to the helping hand and divine Shakti of one of my Seniors that I  got interested in thinking and reading about Aura, Chakras and Kundalini Shakti in human body. It was through that invisible connection (that exists among all of us) that I got new thoughts   and new interests. I also started thinking about the Spiritual world like Soul, Shakti and Images. I read a few spiritual books on these topics and came to know that they exist and interact with  each other in the invisible domain which is the reason of that invisible connection among all of us. They initiate humans  beings  to  develop their own consciousness and energy (Shakti)  but  with  help from Spiritually advanced human beings who already have developed their Consciousness and Shakti, and are aware of it.

I followed the spiritual practice of meditation like to relax, build faith, to concentrate and observe whenever I had time, just to listen to my inner voices and internal conversations. It was hard to identify who is who internally and out of those who was me. Then I started practicing internal silence and thoughtlessness from my side so that I could get the clear voices internally. I started following my internal voice and always remained attentive to any message from inside. Still I had to sort out the good thoughts from the bad ones and apply my understanding till date to filter the right and correct messages. Then started the act of Shakti and physical symptoms of existence of some innerforce along with the descendent of consciousness into me.

It got clearer day by day that both Shakti and Consciousness were the means for Spiritual awakening. In fact they are the means for awakening in the physical world too. I was immersed in the Shakti and Consciousness which was with me for  my  good  and well being. Then I started realising the different views that I had about other humans and the Society and found that the  interaction among all of us was the display of interaction of our Shakti and Consciousness. But again then how this world works without the knowledge of these divine beings within ourselves. Simply that is the reason of our mistakes and misunderstandings.

With me, when I was still in confusion to identify the inner divine beings which I was never aware of before, I again started paying attention to my inner impulses which wanted me to do the same. I got interested in the silent mode in outer world and interacted more in the inner world by observing & learning and thus broaden the applicability in day to day life in the physical world. Whatever I had learnt in the physical world seemed to get meaning from the inner self interaction with Shakti and Consciousness. As I mentioned earlier that it was the effect of interaction with one of my Seniors whose Shakti and Consciousness were playing the role of guide and mentor within me. It was quite obvious that that person had Self-Realised and God-Realised State of being and was aware that her divine forces were playing a crucial role within me to help me to know myself and achieve the same state of divine Consciousness and Shakti.

There were issues as well like my own Consciousness and Shakti were not developed enough to grow at the pace at which the guardian divine Consciousness and Shakti were trying to bring the change in me. Also there were mis-conceptions and little prior understanding about the inner divine world or forces so I  was  stuck in confusion. It was not easy to incorporate the newly experienced Divinity in my physical being for a permanent makeover within a matter of days or months. I was  getting  involved daily in fact always with my analytic mind trying to understand the working of the divine forces and everyday, before going to sleep I started putting my mind to rest peacefully and let the divine Consciousness and Shakti guide me and do the changes within me.

My awareness and instincts were developed about the humans interactions in physical world and was trying to do more with myself like to reach up to my full potential. Still it was a puzzle to identify and resemble the correct Consciousness and Shakti inside me. For which I got some intuition from inner voice during silent meditation that it is the same Supreme Divine Consciousness and Shakti capable of sparking enlightenment in sages and avatars like Buddha. I was really overwhelmed by the knowledge but there was no time to rest, to understand more or to feel since I was forced to get the positive changes done within my physical self. That included pure body and mind, freeing up from past karma and to get the mind circuits to be re-arranged. This was like body Chakras working to build a divine Aura with the help of Kundalini awakening under the guidance of divine Shakti and Consciousness. So much was going on at the same time that I could not concentrate on my job and I had to quit my job.

When I moved away from that environment I was left with   the buffer of divine knowledge and a spark of  divine Consciousness and Shakti inside me. But then I had to face a lot of trouble like there was no direct supervision and I was in  the  middle of a long term transformation. I made up my mind that whatever experiences I have had I will try to build up on those and with faith in God, I will improve myself spiritually on my thoughts and actions. I devoted full time to self healing by meditation under the guidance of my inner self because I knew that internally in the world of divine Consciousness and Shakti we were connected still.    I mostly took rest and remained immersed in my inner self while during going to sleep because that was the easy way to do long duration meditation. With  my efforts and patience I was able to  had few insights into the working of divinity in humans and had  few revelations. This build up my confidence and I was devoted towards attaining the Self-Realised and God-Realised State.

By this time I became aware that the  divine Consciousness and Shakti that helped me to get here are none other than the Supreme forces or the manifestations of God. I wanted to actually identify that particular God, Consciousness and Shakti, to incorporate that divine state into me for ever permanently.  I did  not wanted to be satisfied by just the Images of the God where the God’s particle acted as the catalyst in my initiation and spiritual makeover. I, in fact wanted to be an inseparable part of the God’s Consciousness and Shakti. Therefore I was curious into learning their working and wanted to do it myself so that in future I could   be independent. My task was just to get myself immersed in my inner self and pray to that divine Consciousness  and  Shakti  to  help me. Then to leave myself free and be a spectator to all inner processes.

This took time as long as 5 years and during this time I got married, became father. Also I paid attention towards my career  and started working. I was at peace then with my inner self but    still I was craving for achieving that divine state of never ending bliss of ever-immersed in divine Consciousness and  Shakti,  that too of my own. But I could not force anything myself,  all  was  taking place itself inside me or within my spiritual space,  sometimes I was aware of it and sometimes not. But I was assured by the divine Shakti that it was with me for always so I stayed positive. By this time I had developed quite a holy mindset with good thoughts, actions and habits that was necessary  for  the  divine transcendent. While I was working in my job with my body and mind but my soul was with divine Consciousness and Shakti continuously aiming for that divine Union. That  transcendence  was happening slowly and my past karma was burning slowly too, preparing myself for it.

Till that time I had learned quite rapidly about the physical world interaction among human beings and I was then no longer interested in mundane or time pass conversations with others. When I saw people who did not knew about the interactions of Consciousness and Shakti among human beings, I felt pity  on  them. Since they did not knew what they were talking about and was just a puppet of their ignorance. Because people question the presence of God, find rituals to appease him or follow techniques   to meditate on him but did not feel the presence of God inside them. Our body is a temple and it is 100% true because human beings are capable of being incarnations of divinity. We  are very  less educated about this and so don’t  usually  pay  attention towards it and fall prey to misleading information prevailing in the society. We need to think seriously about the spiritual world too.

That is another realm coexisting with physical world. In fact not only one realm one dimension, there are many realms coexisting    in multi dimensions and our physical world is just one of these.    We are definitely highly impacted by the interactions among these realms and  we need to have an understanding of these interactions to keep ourselves in harmony and to achieve our full potential and well being. For this we need to incorporate  that  divine Consciousness and Shakti within us to bless us with knowledge and power so that we can  achieve  enlightenment  in  this life itself.

Currently I am in my mid 30’s and completed the process of self analyses. My divine Consciousness and Shakti has shared with me the vision that is required to be on this path of  spiritual  journey. Still the God’s Consciousness and Shakti is helping me during my inner interactions and I crave for not the Images but for the actual transcendence of my Spiritual Self that is destined for   me by the God. And by inspiration from the divine forces within, I am able to write this book.

When we incorporate the existence of divine Consciousness and Shakti into our physical existence, we are in fact the Atma – the Soul, since this is the knowledge and power of the Soul. We are then Soul, thinking and acting by our Soulful State. Since Soul is neither created nor destroyed, nor its knowledge and power, it is immortal, only our physical form can be destroyed. Once we grow ourselves from mindful state to Soulful State, we will then feel the same joy and happiness as that of Soul, which is not possible to achieve in physical form, by knowledge or stamina. But by integrating ourselves with Divine Consciousness and Shakti we can easily experience the Soulful State.

Generally we are mindful while doing daily routine activities but we are not Soulful. We use our physical Image to perform our activities. This means we are limited by the capabilities of the physical Image. To access our divine Image we need to understand the divine Shakti or Shakta. We can correlate divine Shakti or Shakta as our Aura with divine Energy and divine Consciousness, which are nothing but the Spiritual attributes of our Soul. Just like physical attributes of our body are reflected by the physical Image available to our physical form, Spiritual attributes of our Soul are reflected by the divine Image available at the Spiritual dimension. We  should not discard the physical Image but we need to upgrade  it to the divine Image.

Different practices that we follow like Yoga, Meditation, Kundalini Awakening, Chakra Healing or Aura Building, the  purpose of all these is to access the divine Image with the help of our Soul. And to grow our physical Image into divine Image, we need to grow our energy into divine  energy  and  consciousness  into divine Consciousness, to have the characteristics of divinity i.e. Soul. We need not to change completely while upgrading our Images from physical to divine, only our understanding need to be upgraded to accommodate the new knowledge and  vision  about the World now. Our basic behaviour will be  the  same  which  we had learned over the years, but now the divine attributes of the   Soul will start reflecting in the physical form that will mark the presence of a divine Image in us.

Our mind is capable of doing a lot of things other than just thinking and perceiving the five senses. Let our mind be utilised in more awareness as to download the divine Consciousness and perceive the divine Energy. This will open up our Spiritual Self to experience new potential and balance with nature.