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Know more about me and talk to me about the nectar in the living form present in all of us. You will find comfort in sharing your views about this happening in this world while chatting with me. Pay to me USD 70 (INR 5000) after the chat with me on my Skype Id <> when you are satisfied with the information I provided here. Please avail the services of this website where you can discuss with me about your thoughts and our fate in the coming days. 

In this life I have to come across so many complex questions that I have to look for answers in the Spiritual Knowledge. That’s why I took meditation as a medium to resolve these questions and have written a book on Gods of this world. This was because of my curiosity to know more about myself and this world which is nothing but a mortal world and is full of sufferings for all of us. I used meditation as the resource to gain more spiritual knowledge in this regard. And I came to know about the God of nectar and life in this world. Later I came to know that it’s me who has done this in the past. I have gathered all the knowledge that I received by me in the spiritual realm and I have presented this spiritual knowledge on the Home page of my website for all of us to know more about it, for which I have a keen interest in spreading the spiritual awareness for the benefit of all of us. You can know more about me in the About page.

I have also written a book on Gods those exist and whom we know. The book is ”Art of Reincarnation by Soul”. This ebook is available in both English and Hindi language. You will also get the ebook edition (pdf) of my book absolutely free with this service. 

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